jeudi 23 mai 2013


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  1. Che purezza! dans les photos on entende la musique! Meci

  2. Dear Elsa and Amelie, How are you doing? I am so sorry for not writing to you for so long. The thing in China eats up all my energy and time. Maybe I have to fly back to China again in June, that means soon. Atle has booked a cottage for one week in the south east of Norway at the border of Sweden and Norway. It is from 26th of July to 2nd of August. I wish you, Elas and pappa welcomed to visit us again in Norway. What is your plan for summer holiday? Let me know.
    My best wishes, fei an

  3. Sorry to write you a short message here, my email account doesn't work tonight.

  4. oh dear Amelie
    is this magnificent garden surrounding you for real?
    The picture with Elsa's shadow in front of the window stole my heart
    your blue colours
    and that lovely yellow flower on her hair

    lot of love from demie

    1. dear Demie
      well the garden is for real, but too rarely surrounding us.
      the picture was taken in my mother's house, a small old farm hidden in the woods, where we sometimes have the chance to be.

  5. Le calme, le temps qui s'arrête, ce que tu décrivais l'autre jour sur mon blog est sans cesse présent dans tes images, ne laissant pas supposer que la "course" occupe parfois aussi vos vies. Les images et les mots que nous laissons sont certainement une tentative pour retrouver cet équilibre fragile entre action et contemplation.
    Merci pour tes images très apaisantes, qui laissent entrevoir un bonheur où nature et humain sont en parfaite harmonie. Bonne journée et belle semaine, avec ce soleil qui revient enfin! A bientôt.

  6. your photographs are always so beautiful! so glad i found your blog:)

  7. Dear Amelie
    Elsa's profile is so poetic.
    I am fascinated by calmness of your all photos.